Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have continued to be a growing pest problem in the United States and abroad. These blood sucking pests have adversely affected many from homeowners to commercial properties. As author of the recently published book The Bed Bug Combat Manual, Paul Bello, president of PJB Pest Management Consulting, LLC can provide professional assistance to meet your bed bug concerns.

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Litigation

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"I always think to call Paul" Collier Pest Control
"Collier Pest Control of Naples, Florida had been performing chambered bed bug heat treatments for over 4 years now. In the past 2 years, we have added the NuVan Pro-Strip whole house bed bug vapor treatment. When questions came up about the effectiveness of this type of vapor treatment, Paul Bello was very helpful and informative to assist Collier Pest Control with these treatments. Paul also explained to me how we could use the vapor strips to control other types of problem pests in a home according to the labeling. If I have questions on vapor treatments or other types of pest problem treatments, I always think to call Paul for helpful answers and information to assist us in being effective in controlling our customer's pest problems."

Phil Hadley
Owner - Collier Pest Control
Naples, Florida

"Available and willing to help" Shannon Terry
"Paul Bello called me back personally within 2 hours. He was very patient with my concerns and questions, which were numerable, about how to most effectively and safely treat a bed bug problem at a rental home I was
managing. He asked important clarifying questions to ensure the proper advice was given, and also provided extensive information in layman's terms and in a friendly, entertaining manner to boot, which was refreshing and really helped lighten the stress when dealing with a
difficult problem like bed bugs! Paul remained available for follow up & returns calls/emails quickly even when I recontacted him months later. Frankly, it surprised me how available and willing to help a foremost national expert proved to be. Thank you Paul!"

Shannon Terry
Property Manager
Caswell Beach, North Carolina